Expansion Joints:

  • Fabric expansion joints, non metallic expansion joints, bellows, kompensators and so on (type 2UG, 3Wa, 2Uwa, 10G, etc.).
  • Pre-insulations, insulation pillows, bolster for the above mentioned fabric expansion joint types.
  • Steel parts, such as flanges, complete steel frames, flow plates, etc.
  • Expansion joint installation units.
  • Metal expansion joints: angular, rectangular, round, polygonal, single-layer or multi-layer types.
  • Flexible hoses (stainless steel), single-braided or double-braided.
  • Rubber expansion joints.
  • PTFE expansion joints.
  • Carbon dust expansion joints.
  • Boiler expansion joints.
  • Fan expansion joints.


Fabric expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints, non metallic expansion joints, bellows, kompensators and so on(type 2UG, 3Wa, 2Uwa, 10G, etc.)
These are made from many different materials. In principle, fabric expansion joints are best for gaseous media, such as air, exhaust gas und solvent fumes, particularly for operation below the dew point, in acidic environments, or for abrasive exhaust gases .
DEKOMTE fabric expansion joints can be supplied in any geometric shape and dimensions.

Multi-Layer Metallic Bellows

2-1Metallic bellows can compensate axial, lateral or angular movements.
2-2DEKOMTE gives support in selecting the best type of expansion joint.
2-3DEKOMTE metallic bellows are delivered with welding flanges, loose and integral flanges or threaded joints.

Single-Layer Metallic Bellows


DEKOMTE Metallic Bellow with round corners.


DEKOMTE Metallic Bellow with miter corners.


DEKOMTE Metallic Bellow with double miter corners.


DEKOMTE Metallic Bellow round.


DEKOMTE Metallic Bellow polygonal.

Flexible Hoses

4-1Flexible Hoses

PTFE Bellows


Low Pressure PTFE Expansion Joints Type R-LD. 


High Pressure PTFE Expansion Joints Type R-HD. 

Rubber Bellows

Rubber expansion joints are universal expansion joints for axial, lateral and angular movement, available with fully developed rubber flanges and revolving steel flanges.
The single convolution bellow is made from different rubber qualities with pressure carrying reinforcing high tensile nylon cord or as an alternative with reinforced layers Kevlar- or fiberglass.

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servicesEngineering Services
DEKOMTE uses the latest computer and industry best practice tools and procedures to push the boundaries of product development.

Plant Survey
DEKOMTE has skilled and experienced site engineers and designers who are able to review all expansion joints in a plant, and produce a technical report for maintenance planning and plant  improvement.

Provided Services
Design and Engineering.
– Design Analysis.
– inspection.
– On-Site Analysis.
– Installation.

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The company provides the best solution for expansion joints  Which serves many industries .

– Gas Turbine and CCGT Plants.
– Conventional Fossil Fired Boilers.
– Steel Plants.
– Refineries.
– Renewable Energy.
– Chemical Plants.
– Desalination Plants.
– Cement Plants.



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