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Ma’ar Group was found in 1992 in the Capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh .

The Group established two branches outside the  capital Riyadh in western region ( Jeddah ) and eastern region ( Dammam )  .

The Group beginning was by importing and marketing the natural stone , marble and granite industry requirements and equipment needed , such as diamond cutting discs , sculpture and engraving tools and other further types .

MA’AR GROUP also sale and market the marble and granite industry raw materials which are provided to it by reliable big suppliers for this industry   , and it also do provide the production line and the technical and consultancies for the industry .

In 1998 Ma’ar Group Established a factory to produce cutting discs to fulfill the need of the customers , and also provided the suitable technical consultants for them .

Because of the quick development and the establishment of factories and various industries all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia beside the increase of the power generation plant in order to cover the growth and development of the Kingdom , Ma’ar Group established a cooperation with the German company ( Dekomte De Temple ) back in 2004 .

This cooperation made Ma’ar Group the Sole Agent of  DEKOMTE  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

DEKOMTE is a world leading Company which provides integrated solutions for all kinds of expansion joints for various industries such as ( Electricity – Power – Desalination – Chemicals – Refineries – Petrochemicals – Cement – Steel factories – Solar power ) and many more .

As a result Ma’ar Group became the largest provider for solutions and the most reliable supplier of expansion joints in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

In 2013 Ma’ar Group Cooperated with the specialized building system Malaysian company ( O-stable ) , and became the sole agent for the company building systems which helps to save time , labors and cost in Saudi Arabia and Middle East region .

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Stone, Marble and Granite Industry

2Synthetic Marble and Fiberglass Industry